The Doorkeepers of Malta

The Isle of Ruins



The sack cloth is removed from your head . "Show them to their new living arrangements Drusus" Booms a deep voice from behind you.

For weeks, maybe months you've been a prisoner in-transit. Sit down, stand up, march, eat, sleep. These are the commands you've gotten used to hearing since the day you were taken.

Now you take in your new situation. You're in a medium sized, dank chamber with no furniture. A small underground stream babbles through the chamber, it reeks of sulfer, piss and excrement. There are three exits from this chamber that are sealed by iron bars, one of which leads outside. The exit leading outside is guarded by 2 large orcs and all gates are locked shut. You see that there is a large encampment just outside the cave on the beach. There are numerous ships just off the shore beyond the encampment. These forces are far to large to take them down head on. You must find some other means of escape.

With you in the room are several other prisoners, filthy and clothed in rags….

Session  overview


After mere days for some and weeks for others, the unrest in the orc slave pen bubbled over. On work duty, an orc guard heard obscenities and insults thrown his way by an insolent bugbear. A skirmish broke out that ended in a standoff between the rogue prisoners and the entire contingent of guards. The incident deescalated but ultimately ended in the death of 1 prisoner and 1 orc guard (counting it!).

The uprising continued the following day and there were 3 more casualties (2x orc and 1 human named Harry Dodds). Guards were forced to use full shackle restraints on some of the prisoners. Meanwhile the other captives had scavenged other weapons and items (including an all important magic key) and gathered enough information to plan an escape.

Quickly killing an orc guard and locking the others out (using the same restraints meant to keep them in) the remaining slaves escaped via a stream that flowed through a crack in the cave wall, made larger by transmutation spell.

They entered through a door protected by ancient elven magic and saw in front of them, not the weapon they expected but an old ship. There was one final battle between the escapees and the animated armor of ancient elven warriors on the quarterdeck. The slaves have found their salvation and their escape. An old elven wingship…

4 orc chiefs + 2 animated armors = 4800 and i'll match that your escape. (9600XP or 1371 per person)




phil_laffin phil_laffin

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