The Doorkeepers of Malta



Less than a half day's sail from Har Buhrin they spot an Orc vessel about 2.5 miles off their starboard bow. 

Suddenly their is a deep whirring from the depths of the ship and the travellers are all seized by a frenetic blinding light that strobes off and on the very daylights of the earth. They open their eyes and each feels as though they have been transported. It is night. The sea is a bright iradecent turquoise lit from below by what looks like an infinite sea of stars. It is calm, there is no wind and your ship seems to be as still as a statue, floating over a million galaxies. You hear a soft and calming voice, as if speaking to each person alone. "Keep steady on your path, please don't stray. The fate of existence itself depends on you… Godspeed." 

Without any warning the blinding strobe returns and it is suddenly day again. The orc ship is back within view. Less than a mile out now…



phil_laffin phil_laffin

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