The Doorkeepers of Malta

Drusus "The One Eye"


Upon closer inspection of one of the ghostly suits of armour Gimble Garrick finds a folded map or the region. Holding the map up to the others he says "look, I know the region weller than all a yehs… we should head for my home county of Orynshire, the elders in Elmwrought will know what the drow are up to and why their after this here ship. We could take a stop off in Felnaes on the way for supplies". Your belly rumbles as he reminds you of how long it's been since you last had food or water.

"We should head north for Welsharn immediately" Xanth Jonquil says as she seemingly appears out of nowhere behind the group. "I'll be able to find out the significance of this ship from the old Elven libraries in the capital of Nornbolder".

A meek and tired Whil Wee-Tawn says "someone just sail us anywhere with some real food and wake me when we get there". He then proceeds to walk off the quarterdeck and into the captains quarters, closes the door behind him and then you hear a latch close from the inside…

Session Summary:

After defeating Drusus and his cronies, the party set sail for the island of Felnaes. Unfortunately, there was no warm welcome awaiting these strange-looking beings. Instead, hostilities boiled over between the relatively primitive race of humans who have little connection to the outside world and the magical visitors from parts unknown. The party ended up departing for Welsharn with no new information as to why or how they had been enslaved and only enough rations to last a short time.

Starkwyn and Bubbles attempted to glean some new information from their prisoners but the birdman ended up being bitten by a transformed Whil Wee-Tawn and was seized that night with fever dreams of rodents, red eyes, and full moons. 

Less than a half day's sail from Har Buhrin they spot an Orc vessel about 2.5 miles off their starboard bow. 


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